Sometimes I wonder how I get hired by such wonderful couples. Alex and Kate are a perfect example. So photogenic and totally crushed their engagement session. It was cold and windy. Like uncomfortably cold and windy enough to blow a small dog away. We originally planned to meet at Paul Revere park in the North […]

Aubrey & Joe are getting married! I’m absolutely looking forward to their wedding this July! Aubrey is going to make the most beautiful bride. They’re both teachers, Aubrey is a high school teacher while Joe teaches middle school. We started in Prescott Park in Downtown Portsmouth and made stops to the pier, the garden, and […]

The Streeter family is the Sweetest! Theodore never stops, which is always a great challenge as a photographer. With Theodore, it’s not really about posing. It’s about interacting with him and capturing his reactions. I don’t run the session, he does, and I’m okay with that! He definitely keeps his mom and dad on their […]

The Richardson family was an absolute joy to work with. Not only were they all around genetically blessed in the appearance department, their little boys could light up the darkest of rooms. Their personalities were so bubbly and I had so much chasing through Prescott Park in Downtown Portsmouth. 

  I don’t think I’ve ever walked so much in an entire session. Mary had a vision, and we were along for the ride. If you guys read my previous Boston post, you understand how foreign Boston is to me. Mary and Jon are good friends of ours. Mary is a nurse at Boston Children’s […]

I was asked to shoot the Mistron’s engagement photos this past February, and again I was asked to shoot their pregnancy announcement photos. It’s such an honor to be asked and trusted with people’s most precious moments, and I’m so happy the military has brought me some of the best clients a gal could ask […]

This was my first session in Boston. For those of you that don’t know, I’m not from the New England area. I was so excited when Lindsay reached out to me to do her’s and Leo’s engagement photos. Thanks to Boston weather though, we had to reschedule a few times. Lindsay and Leo are actually […]

*Spoiler alert* REALLY beautiful photos of a really beautiful couple are about to appear below these words! Jacqueline and Paul are engaged and it was very obvious how in love they are! Jacqueline reached out to me a few weeks ago and we over spoke phone and text a few times trying to get their […]

Today marks my Husband Josh and I’s 3 year marriage anniversary. Marriage is a roller coaster of ups and downs, for us it’s mostly been ups. A little back story: Josh and I met sometime during the mid summer of 2014. We both regularly spent our weekends at a local country bar (wasn’t the best […]

Riley is turning 10 in a few short weeks, and her mom and dad wanted her to have her own photoshoot to celebrate and make her feel like the special girl she is. Her parents are close friends of ours, so we see Riley frequently, and she is without a doubt one of the sweetest […]